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Rock Climbing in the Peak District
If you are reading this then I'm sure the Peak District needs little introduction as Britain's busiest national park. In the last fifty years the peak district has become a mecca for rock climbing due to the vast amount of accessible climbing available.
The first areas explored by the pioneers were the gritstone escarpments, areas that are still massively popular today. The "grit' is a fairly unique climbing medium for which the area is now world famous due to the unusual friction properties of the rock.
Areas such as Stanage Edge, Burbage Valley, Curbar and Froggatt Edge all have routes from the easiest classics to the modern test pieces. In the centre of the Peak District lies the white peak , characterised by its limestone geology. This area provides a different climbing experience, the rock being steeper and offering less friendly cracks. Many of the climbs were initially climbed with artificial aid before being climbed free as standards improved. Today this legacy of natural and quarried crags leaves a variety of both traditional (trad) and bolt protected sport climbs many of which represent the upper end of the sport.
As a result the peak district has climbing to occupy the enthusiastic beginner through to the world-class athlete visiting from abroad.

When to visit for Rock Climbing In The Peak District?

The Peak District does have variable weather, however lying in the centre of the UK it seems less prone to the variations you are likely to experience on western coasts.
For Rock Climbing more often the weather is good (i.e. climbable) than not.
For the serious climber keen to make the most of the grits excellent friction properties the best part of the season is the autumn, winter and the spring. In fact the winters can be relatively mild in the peak district , with snow disappearing quickly. On the more exposed crags the wind dries wet crags very quickly, allowing good climbing in between the showers for those keen to stick it out. In the summer, the weather is frequently good for Rock Climbing. The limestone crags in the Dales of the white peak , are usually in good condition combined with the gritstone edges. During the height of the summer it's often possible to visit the higher moorland crags to escape the heat and be able do some more Rock Climbing in the Peak District !

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